About Simonini Group

The Simonini Group provides in house expertise in acquisitions, project financing, implementation, construction and marketing. Our groundbreaking work introducing traditional, urban lifestyle communities and authentic Old World architecture to Charlotte has exerted a significant lasting influence on the practice of residential architecture and direction of urban planning in the Carolinas today.At the turn of the century, we went on to introduce New Urbanism to Charlotte by collaborating with visionary Miami-based architect and urban planner, Andrés Duany.

Our Vision

Simonini Group is a premier local builder and developer. We specialize in award winning,
trend forward commercial and residential development projects in some of Charlotte's most sought after areas.The information contained on this web site is for marketing and general information purposes only. While we make every effort to provide content which is both current and correct, we cannot guarantee the completeness nor absolute accuracy of the floor plans, layouts, or dimensions.